Arresting Officers In Stockholm, Truck Terror Were Attacked With STONES

[Stockholm officers rushing to the recent truck terror. | Source: "The Daily Mail"]
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Not long after Sweden endured the recent terrorist-truck incident, a group of Rinkeby-based teens threw rocks at the arresting officers involved in the Stockholm attack.

As part of their investigation, the arresting officers were in Rinkeby’s “immigrant no-go zone” President Trump referenced back in February. Supposedly, the police were attempting to detain a 17-year-old boy and mother who live at an address connected to the 39-year-old man suspected to be the truck-terror ring leader. (Neither the boy nor his mother were held in custody.)

An anonymous Stockholm-unit officer contacted the media and confirmed the stoning did indeed go down.

[layout of Rinkeby | Source: Google Maps]
“During the night my colleagues were exposed to stone throwing in [the suburban outskirts of] Tensta, in the middle of an ongoing, terror operation,” Stockholm police-officer Abdallah Ahmed wrote on Facebook. “Some people will never learn… To terror, I want to say one thing—in pure Swedish: go to hell. My thoughts go to those affected in every way. … Do not pray for Sweden. Stand up for Sweden, fight for Sweden and die for Sweden,” he added.

Stockholm-based Officer “Jenny” chimed in with her support. “You are fantastic. I wish I was working with you yesterday. I am so proud to be a police officer.”

[Officer Ahmed Abdullah showing support for fellow policeman and those who endured the Stockholm incident | Source: Daily Mail]
Upon the media reaching out to him, the teenager in question said, “I don’t know him. I have had nothing to do with him, and he has nothing to do with our family.” (RE: the ring leader who supposedly keeps an address and has his mail delivered there.)

[Video: Courtesy of The Daily Mail]

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