As Soon As She Saw What The Babysitter Did She Called The Cops

child abuse
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Ismelda Ramos Mendoza from Bladensburg, Maryland is a horrible woman. I know it’s bad to judge people but, in my book, anyone who does harm to a baby is a scum. I mean, yeah, sometimes babies can be annoying but there are humane ways to deal with the situation. The way Mendoza dealt with the situation is completely uncalled for and she deserved to be arrested for it.

Okay, so what did Mendoza do? Well, according to NBC Washington, Mendoza dipped the feet of 6-month-old Ana Flores Guerrero into a hot frying pan where she was cooking tortillas.

The mother of the baby, who appointed Mendoza as the babysitter, saw “redness” at the boom of her baby’s feet the morning after picking her up from Mendoza’s house. When the mother asked Mendoza what happened she said she didn’t know.


The redness then evolved into blisters and the mother was forced to take her baby to the hospital for a checkup. It was found that baby Ana was suffering from second-degree burns.

The mother called 911 and reported Mendoza for child abuse.

Mendoza hadn’t initially admitted to her crime, first telling investigators that Ana Flores had accidently bumped her feet into the frying pan. But according to court documents Mendoza eventually caved and admitted to her crimes saying that she “became frustrated with (Ana Flores) crying too much, became so upset she placed (Ana Flores) feet on the pan she was cooking the tortilla on, causing the burns.”

Mendoza has been charged with “child abuse, assault, and reckless endangerment.”


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