Cops: Texas Teen’s Gang-Rape Story Was a Hoax

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The story of Breana Talbott’s brutal “gang rape” on March 8th was actually quite sad and disconcerting. She was reportedly taken into the forest by three men of African descent and brutally raped. The men reportedly left the girl all alone in the forest in her dire state. She later found refuge in a nearby church.

But word is now coming in that the entire story was actually FALSE!! Breanna Talbott was not kidnapped, nor was she gang raped.

As soon as the police dug deeper into Talbott’s claim it “began to unravel”.

According to officials in Denison, it was all an “insulting hoax. Even Talbott came forward on Tuesday and said that her abduction was staged and that her report was false. She also admitted to leaving her own clothing in the woods and cutting herself so that it would seem that she was violently attacked. The entire report of Talbott’s false story was released to the press by Chief Jay Burch and posted on Facebook.

Talbott was charged with making a false report to police on Wednesday and faces six months in jail and a fine of $4000 if convicted

And the team of officers who took part in the investigation will “seek restitution for the significant costs for conducting such a major investigation” into a reported crime that never existed

Burch states in the press release that Talbott’s false claim is an “insult” to the community “especially offensive to the African-American community.”

The reason why Talbott staged the crime is yet to be discerned but her actions make a mock of women who are actually gang-raped. We don’t know her real story but from what I know of her thus far, she deserves to be locked up.


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