FBI Investigating Jane Sanders For Alleged, Bank Fraud: Report

[Bernie & Janet Sanders | Photo: Getty Images]
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Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is back—sort of. Actually, his wife, Jane’s in hot water. Mrs. Sanders wasn’t exactly honest when submitting some loan forms during her stint as Burlington College President. After struggling with accreditation expectations and hitting bankruptcy, the Vermont-based art college officially sealed its fate in May 2016.

[Jane Sanders | Source: LegalInsurrection.com]
It was under Sanders’s term (2004-2011) when Burlington endured fiscal turmoil—a $10 million debt from arranging new grounds in 2010. The academic finger has been pointed at Sanders in terms of filling out loan forms fraudulently to grow the college’s property.

More, multiple, Burlington donors have been in touch with the FBI and the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).

While it’s unknown as to why, it was probably smart of Sanders to step down as president in 2011.

According to Sanders, Burlington was secure for $2.6 million of donor money for the would-be new grounds (re: 2010 loan application). However, she managed to round up a little more than one-fourth of said amount—$676,000 in a four-year span (resulting in bankruptcy). In short, donor amount didn’t reflect what Sanders wrote in the loan forms.

[Burlington College | Source: Zerohedge.com]
In a report (re: 2010 loan form), Corinne Bove Maietta promised $1 million over nearly ten years. But Maietta claimed otherwise—that she agreed to a nonspecific sum given to Burlington upon her death.

The FBI has recently contacted Maietta’s accounted, Richard Moss, to schedule an interview. “It was sometime back in March or April, during tax season,” Moss explained in an intervew. “It was in regards to Corine Maietta’s current address and where they could contact her for questions related to Burlington College.”

Bernie Sanders spokesman Jeff Weaver released a statement entailing the FBI not having been in contact with the senator’s wife—only a matter of time…


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