Former Wal-Mart Manager Charged With Staging Robbery At His Store

Walmart [Source: Salon]
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A former assistant manager at Wal-Mart was charged with staging a robbery at his store in 2012. The robbery ended with the store having an incredible amount of money–$400,000–stolen. To “sell” the robbery, the assistant manager went out of his way to make it look authentic, going as far as planning to be shot.

The assistant manager, Ansar Ali Younis, is said to have been part of a group that planned the act. The gunman is believed to have already left the country. Everyone involved received a cut of the money–with Younis getting his while hospitalized for his bullet wound.

As reported, “A former Wal-Mart assistant manager was indicted on federal charges that he took part in the staged robbery of $400,000 from his Laurel store in 2012, a plot that included having him shot in the arm.

The indictment unsealed Friday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore alleges that Ansar Ali Younis was part of a group that planned the early-morning robbery on Nov. 14, 2012, of a Wal-Mart in the 3500 block of Russet Green East.”

“As part of the plan, co-conspirator Mohammed Altashy obtained a Plymouth Voyager and at around 4:15 a.m. drove to the store and looked for Younis, who was acting as the night manager, and loudly announced a robbery, the indictment alleges.”

The robbers reportedly set the original escape vehicle on fire before switching to another. It sounds like a scene out of a movie, but apparently it’s just another crazy story to be added to the ever-growing archive of insanity at Wal-Mart.



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