Hackers Threaten To “Wipeout” 300-Million Apple Devices If The Company Doesn’t Pay Ransom By April 7th

hackers [Source: Fox Business]
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A hacker group, “Turkish Crime Family,” is claiming to have stolen user account names and passwords from Apple-product users. The hackers claimed the heist has effected 300-million people. They’ve recently threatened to remotely wipe information from users’ devices unless they’re paid a ransom. Are iPhones at risk of returning to factory settings?

The TCF demanded either “$75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum” or “…$100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards in exchange for deleting the alleged cache of data.” They have given Apple by April 7th to pay or face the consequences.

The cyber pirates communicated with Apple’s security team, who have told them they do not “reward cyber criminals for breaking the law.” Are we about to see a massive wipe of hundreds of millions of Apple users’ data?

It seems a bit strange to demand iTunes gift cards because they would without a doubt be traceable. On the other hand, the crypto-currency request makes sense. Historically, hackers consider it to be a highly-sought-after source of payment.

“‘I just want my money and thought this would be an interesting report that a lot of Apple customers would be interested in reading and hearing,’ one of the hackers told Motherboard.

The hackers provided screenshots of alleged emails between the group and members of Apple’s security team. One also gave Motherboard access to an email account allegedly used to communicate with Apple.

‘Are you willing to share a sample of the data set?’ an unnamed member of Apple’s security team wrote to the hackers a week ago, according to one of the emails stored in the account. (According to the email headers, the return-path of the email is to an address with the @apple.com domain).”

With the amount of the technology giants’ users numbering in the hundreds of millions, this is a serious threat. We will have to wait until April 8th to see if the “wipeout” comes to fruition.



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