Homeowner’s Son Uses AR-15 To Kill Three, Home Invaders [VIDEO]

[Crime scene in Broken Arrow, OK| Source: KTUL]
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A Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, man shot and killed three teenagers who broke into his family’s house. While home with his father, a millennial used an AR-15 to gun down the perpetrators.

[Source: Twitter/Burt Mummolo]

Oklahoma’s NewsOn6 had the story:

“The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said the homeowner and his adult son were in the home when three males wearing masks and gloves tried to break in at about 12:30 p.m. The homeowner’s son shot the intruders with a rifle, deputies said, killing all three.

Deputies say the males were 16, 17 and 18 years old. They said one teen had brass knuckles—one had a knife.

The sheriff’s office said both the homeowner and his son, who’s 23, are cooperating with the investigation and went to the sheriff’s office to give statements to investigators.”


[Source: Twitter/Burt Mummolo]

Additionally, a 21-year-old female went to the police and is seemingly the one who brought the now-dead juvenile assailants to the house. Fox25 picked up the story:

“One person is in custody after three suspects in a Wagoner County home invasion were shot to death Monday afternoon by one of the residents.

According to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects’ getaway driver has been arrested. The 21-year-old woman turned herself in at the Broken Arrow Police Department hours after the shooting, saying she had information. Wagoner County investigators interviewed her at the police department and subsequently arrested her.”

The woman, Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, is looking at theft and murder charges. Oklahoma comes down hard on accomplices, as the Native American state slaps homicide on people who ultimately enable a murder to occur during the crime—aiding and abetting…is just as bad in Bible Belt country.

While it’s a mystery as to whose AR-15 was fired in the incident, self-defense seems to be the situation thus far. The weapon itself is a trusted gun among US, firearm owners—anything from hunting to protection against attackers.

Check out the gathered footage on this prevented in-home invasion:

[Overview | Source: WCSO/KTUL]

[Investigative interview | Source: Facebook/Burt Mummolo]

[Follow-up interview | Source: Facebook/Burt Mummolo]

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