Kathy Griffin’s Current Fiasco Reminds The Internet Of When CNN Got A Rodeo Clown Fired For Much Less

[Source: The Daily Sheeple]
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While Kathy Griffin has surely felt the effects of her tasteless “assassinate President Trump” act, it seems that CNN can’t keep track of their own hypocrisy. You may recall that not too long ago, CNN and the rest of the Left-wing media lost their minds over a rodeo clown that dared to don an Obama mask.

The aforementioned clown was inevitably fired, thanks in part to CNN.

It’s worth noting that the rodeo clown in question was known for wearing presidential masks during his routine, such as Bush and Reagan–and that no “racial remarks” were made while he donned the Obama mask. But in our so-called “politically correct” culture, virtually anything can be construed as a misdeed.

Unless, of course, that misdeed appeases the Liberal hive-mind. Such is the case for Kathy Griffin.

Reports say that CNN has announced that Kathy Griffin will actually be fired for her ridiculous stunt–however surprising that may be. But it likely won’t be the last we see of her.

Free speech is (hopefully) still something most Americans believe in, so how Kathy wishes to try to revive her dying career isn’t really of our concern. After all, plenty of people voted for Trump; if she wants to alienate all those people, it’s her choice. But the fact is that CNN has gotten people fired for much less than a severed head dripping with blood–and that the bitter intentions behind said severed Trump head were far more pronounced than a rodeo clown wearing a mask.





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