Male Student Expelled For Rape, Even Though His Girlfriend Said He Did Nothing Wrong

[Screenshot via CBS]
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After a co-worker spotted a hickey on Grant Neal’s neck, his life became a roller coaster ending with the termination of his position as a physical trainer at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

CSU-Pueblo has an informal policy that forbids trainers from having relationships with athletes. After the school took notice of Neal’s relationship with an athlete—through his co-workers false accusation of rape—they were told to make no further contact for the duration of the university’s investigation.

This accusation would lead to Neal being labeled a rapist and force the cancellation of scholarships and opportunities for him–a career in sport seemingly ruined.

Neal’s girlfriend, Jane Doe, never accused him of wrongdoing and famously stated, “I’m fine, and I wasn’t raped.”

During the investigation, Neal’s girlfriend sent him text messages. Hoping to avoid trouble, he sought advice from the investigator who told him to take a screenshot of them–a trap.

As reported by Reason,

“In other words, the man in charge of investigating whether Neal had raped a woman (a woman who emphatically stated Neal had not done so) first told Neal to open emails from his girlfriend and later told him he could be disciplined for opening them.”

“That’s when I immediately knew,” Neal said. “That’s when I really knew that the situation was above my control.”

Many questions have come up around his case, with some wondering if Neal (an African-American) was targeted due to his girlfriend being a white student. Whatever the case may be, it is very apparent that CSU-Pueblo ruined his live over a consensual relationship and violated the Neal’s rights by labeling him a rapist.


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