Man Who Killed Three Home Invaders With An AR-15 Will Face No Criminal Charges

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If three burglars break into your home and all you have to protect yourself is an AR-15. What will you do? Well, there’s the option of simply scaring them off with the gun. But that’s too risky. The most effective option to save your life is to do what Zach Peters of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma did. The 23-year-old man shot the burglars on sight.

Now, here’s the issue. Peters killed three men to save his own life and it was found that those three men were not in the possession of a gun, only brass knuckles, and a knife. With this knowledge, it could be safe to assume that the AR-15 would have been enough to scare the men away without firing a single shot but in the moment, how was Peters supposed to know that the men didn’t have guns?

The grandmother of one of the dead burglars says that it was “unfair” since her grandson and his accomplices didn’t have guns. But that should in no way justify that they were breaking into someone’s house, which is illegal by the way.

Peters action has been justified by the court of law and he will not be facing any criminal charges for killing the three burglars because of Oklahoma’s Castle Doctrine law. This law ensures that home and business owners will not face criminal charges for defending their property and family.

“It is the opinion of this office that Zachery Peters acted justifiably and in accordance with his rights as an Oklahoma citizen when he used deadly forced to defend his home from the first-degree burglary perpetrated by Maxwell Cook, Jaykob Woodriff, and Jacob Redfern, and allegedly, Elizabeth Rodriguez,” Assistant District Attorney Jack Thorp told reporters during a news conference.

But, even though Peters will not be facing any charges, someone will. According to reports from the Blaze, the leader and getaway driver of the three burglars, Elizabeth Rodriguez is facing “three first-degree murder charges, and multiple counts of second-degree burglary” after confessing to her crimes during an interview with KWTV.

Source: The Blaze


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