Mexico Sees 2,020 Killings In March—Worst Month Since 2011

[An Acapulco-based murder scene from January 2017. | Photo: Bernandino Hernandez/AP]
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Mexico recently experienced a whopping 2,000 murders in a single month. Not since summer 2011 has the country has seen such a high rate of killings in a condensed amount of time. More, the South American nation’s first, three months of 2017 availed a greater amount of slayings than it has in twenty years.

[A dead body lies covered in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. | Source:]
While 2011’s cartel wars yielded a surplus of record-breaking execution numbers for Mexico, those deaths occurred within Ciudad Juarez; 2017’s collective, body count entails multiple states. Mexican, law enforcement assessed the murder epidemic as a result of turf fights due to poor, cartel leadership—as well as offshoots deviating from larger outfits.

Of all the homicidal blood being shed in the nation, Guerrero sustains its place as the murder capital of Mexico—550 deaths between January and March 2017 alone. However, Baja California Sur rivals that via 133 killings within the same period and said number being the biggest, consecutive APR—that’s 682 percent more than the 17 deaths occurring during those months in 2016!

All death signs point to cartels Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generations having a turf war in BCS—a huge, tourist spot.

Overall, Mexico endured 2,020 assassinations in March—an 11-percent increase compared to February. Push the time-frame window back to January, and that raises the number to 5,775 murders—a 29-percent increase when compared to the same chronological bracket in 2016.

[The first murder of 2016 in Baja California Sur. | Circa January 2016 | Source:]
Chilpancingo (MX-GR)-based Businessman Pioquinto Damian Huato initiated an anti-crime effort in 2014, but that ended upon his daughter-in-law being killed amid the original intent to murder Huato himself. “Every now and then, bagged bodies appear in Chilpancingo,” Huato said. “Yesterday, three appeared.”

Just this past April 19th, Guerrero Democratic Revolution Party leftist-leader Demetrio Saldivar was murdered in Chilpancingo too.

“I live in my home with armored doors to be able to protect my family,” Huato added. “How could I go out when they could kill me in any moment?”

Mexico’s murderous events are happening simultaneously with national officials considering a national-security policy entailing the nation’s military sustaining their efforts to manage it all. The perpetual increase in homicidal chaos might avail complications for President Enrique Peña Nieto and his reigning Institutional Revolutionary Party in 2018’s election.

[Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto | Source: Affinity Magazine]
The killing spree stems from additional, Mexican states including Gulf-situated Veracruz—372 deaths between January and March (a 94-percent increase compared to early 2016). On top of that, the state’s former governor, Javier Duarte, was recently found and captured in Guatemala upon escaping corruption penalties.

Chihuahua’s also up in murders—384 between January and March (a 78-percent increase compared to early2016). Ultimately, Mexico is not a good place to be


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