Poland Intelligently Links Terrorist Attacks To Muslims

[Source: The Gateway Pundit]
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Poland has been taking a tough, no-nonsense approach to the issue of Muslim migrants–and their refusal to allow these so-called “refugees” into their country has not gone unnoticed. While many people have criticized the country for its insistence on putting its own citizens’ safety first, others are left wondering if Poland is the only country in the EU with any common sense. Recently, Poland has intelligently linked terrorist attacks to muslims.

Recently, one of the nation’s top ministers, Ryszard Czarnecki, came to the defense of his country and basically told reporters that where there are no migrants, there also seems to be a lack of terror attacks.

Czarnecki is reportedly a member of Poland’s conservative party, known as the Law and Justice party, or simply the “PiS” party.

In the wake of the recent terror attack in London, which left 10 dead and at least 48 injured, Czarnecki came forward and said that the only way to truly protect Poland was to prohibit Muslim migrants from entering the country.

“Other countries have led to a situation in which those trained on Islamic State territory in Syria, Iraq – young people with French, Belgian, Dutch, British, German citizenship – return to Europe … and somehow [the authorities] were incapable of monitoring them,” Czarnecki commented.

Sources say that Czarnecki claims that it’s common for the children of “Islamic migrants” to carry out terrorist attacks. According to the Polish minister, many of them are actually citizens of European countries that are being “trained” by the Islamic State.

We, Poland, are learning from the mistakes of others … and we will not open our doors to Islamic migrants,” Czarnecki added.

Czarnecki is one of the brave few willing to speak out and stand up against the violence perpetrating communities across Europe. The “politically correct” dogma plaguing the modern world has gone far enough – and its time for more countries to wake up and start protecting their own people first.


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