Police Searching For Man Who Livestreamed Murder On Facebook

Stephens [Source: Facebook]
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Police are searching for a man who livestreamed murder on Facebook on Easter. The man is claiming that the victim was one of fifteen people he had recently killed. The suspect, Steve Stephens, works as a mental health care manager, and is blaming the murders on a woman who is believed to be an ex-girlfriend. At the time of this report, only one murder has been confirmed by police.

Stephens has said that he will only stop his ongoing killing spree if the woman or her mother calls him. Will police be able to stop the killer before he murders more innocent people? The woman Stephens is blaming the murdering on, Joy Lane, is currently in protective custody as police narrow down Stephens whereabouts.

As reported, “He wrote in a Facebook post that the woman is Joy Lane, and that he would only stop if she or his mother called him. Lane is said to be an Air Force veteran, and he said the two dated for three years, and he wishes he’d never met her.

He is 6ft and is said to weight 240lbs. He is bald with a full beard. He is wearing a dark blue and gray or black striped polo shirt.”

Users have streamed many different acts of violence through their “Facebook live” feature in the past. Unfortunately, the company is struggling to put an end to crimes being glorified on their service. From murders to sexual assault, will Facebook be able to put an end to their streaming feature being abused?






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