Popular Indian Sportsman Says To Kill 100 Jihadis Every Time A Soldier Is “Slapped”

Gautam Gambhir [Source: Cricket Country]
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A recent video showing a group of people in Kashmir slapping Jawans (Junior paramilitary soldiers) has made many people angry due to the disrespect. Now, famous professional cricket player, Gautam Gambhir, has come forward stating that every time a Jawan is slapped there should be a strong retaliation–that would kill 100 jihadis.

Indian soldiers are being mocked and something needs to be done. The actions are making headlines, and nationalist Indians are refusing to deal with the hatred–and embarrassment. During tweets, Gambhir said that, “our flag also stands 4: saffron – fire of our anger, white – shroud for jihadis, green – hatred 4 terror.”

The world is sick of Islamists disrespect for civilized society. Whether it be problems in the US, Europe or Asia–many can no longer remain silent to the criminal activity by Muslims. Political correctness is becoming a “thing of the past” more by the day. Can the worldwide phenomenon of people speaking up against Islam trace back to being a part of the “Trump Effect?”

As recently reported, “Gambhir also railed against those demanding “azadi” saying they should leave India immediately.

The batsman has of late been tweeting about things not cricket.

Last month too, he spoke in favour of the Indian army, but at the same time defended Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur, who had posted a pro-peace message and was not just mocked for it but hounded. There were also rape threats against her.”

Will Indians rally around their popular sports star and begin a violent campaign to respond to Muslim hatred towards members of their military?




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