Precrime Is No Longer Just Fiction After AI With Mind-Reading Abilities Is Successfully Tested

robocop [Robocop | Source: Business Insider]
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It sounds like something out of a comic book or Hollywood movie: brain-reading abilities able to identify whose involved with a crime. Virginia Tech neuroscientists have created a technology that combines brain scans and AI to determine if someone is involved with knowingly committing a crime.

The technology will without a doubt bring much protest. With details of government-agency corruption constantly leaked to the public, this technology can easily be added to the list of atrocities used against innocent Americans.

Is this going to be another device for “big brother” to keep in their illegal, sinister toolbox? We may have to wait a few years for the eventual leaks; but for the time being, it appears the technology is confirmed as real and showing positive results in tests.

Will future, court cases use brain scans as evidence? Will the technology lead to identifying “future” criminals? While these questions are seemingly conspiratorial, such questions are valid with technology this advanced.

“Scientists have used a combination of brain scanning and artificial intelligence to read the minds of ‘criminals’ to determine whether they are guilty of knowingly committing a crime.

[Robocop | Source: Business Insider]

This is the first time that neuro-biological readings alone have been used to determine guilt, according to the study, and the findings could impact how we judge criminal responsibility in the future.”

The future might entail AI being legally used in police investigations. Even Robocop would be jealous.


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