Rand Paul: The Obama Administration Was Spying On Me

[Source: TheMaineWire.com]
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Obama may have left the White House, but concerns about his actions and those of his administration are still rampant–and new issues continue to be brought to light. In early May, Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, revealed that reporters had evidence that he was a subject of interest to the Obama administration–and that they were spying on him.

Now, Rand Paul has stated that another senator may have also been a victim of Obama administration surveillance.

As Paul noted, if these claims were to prove true, it would be a “very, very serious crime.” The concept of the government spying on their political opponents is very unethical, and the recent statements remind many of former-President Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal.

As reported, “They have so much power to collect. I mean, they have the power to collect information, invade your privacy but also to destroy you,” Paul noted.

The use of the intelligence agencies for political purposes is beyond criminal– and it also raises questions about what else the Obama administration may have been up to. It seems that a week can’t go by without new claims related to the Obama administration taking part in unethical activities.

With former-FBI Director Comey’s recent firing, many are wondering the exact reason why Trump let him go. It is fair to wonder if Trump has information also linking Comey to the allegations being brought against the former administration. It has, after all, been one “cover-up” after another.

One thing is for sure, if it turns out to be true, the scandal of Obama and his cronies spying on conservatives is a far bigger story that the left’s allegations about Trump colluding with Russia to hack the election.




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