Report: Hillary Clinton Violated Her Agreement With The State Department

[Photo: AP]
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You may have heard that Hillary Clinton signed an ethics agreement years ago when she became secretary of state. The agreement’s purpose was to increase transparency of the Clinton Foundation, and to prevent the appearance that US foreign policy could be influenced with the right amount of money. In this agreement, if any new foreign governments that wanted to make donations, or previous donors who wanted to “’increase materially’ its support of ongoing programs,” Clinton was required to notify the State Department, and give them ample to time to make any concerns known. Now it’s being reported that Hillary has violated her agreement with the State Department.

Brian Cookstra, a Clinton Foundation spokesperson claims that this million-dollar donation didn’t amount to a “material increase” and therefore didn’t need to be reported. However, sources say that the Clinton Foundation has been loath to admit how much money Qatar donated prior to 2009.

But wait, it gets better: At least eight other countries also made new or increased donations, and were also not reported to the State Department. For example, Algeria made its first donation to the Clinton Foundation in 2010, while the United Kindgom tripled their support between 2009 and 2012.

While Foundation officials seem to have admitted their “oversight” when it comes to Algeria, they maintain that the donations from the UK do not constitute a “material increase.” If tripling your financial support isn’t a “material increase,” its hard to imagine what is.

As sources report, “The foundation has declined to describe what sort of increase in funding by a foreign government would have triggered notification of the State Department for review. Cookstra said the agreement was designed to ‘allow foreign funding for critical Clinton Foundation programs’ to continue without disruption.”

Clinton’s guilt is the gift that just keeps on giving: not only has she clearly violated her agreement with the State Department, she has also been found guilty of breaking federal rules with her private email server. When will enough be enough?


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