It Seems [Some] Black Lives [Don’t] Matter

[#BlackLivesMatter Demonstration | Photo: Ted S. Warren/AP]
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Amid the myriad of racially driven crime, a lot of them never get coverage on Big Media—e.g., CNN and MSNBC. One such instance was the November 2016, South Side Chicago footage of Antwan McNutt using a booze bottle to smash a man’s head. Rather than call the police or attempt to stop it, witnesses simply stood there and watched—one apparently recorded it. The following video ended up on Facebook of all places.

[Video: courtesy of The Watch Tower]

Thirty-three-year-old McNutt’s was actually slapped with a murder charge recently. His priors include making and distributing controlled substances, attempted aggravated auto theft, battery, resisting arrest and being caught with a stolen car. Regardless of his crime jacket, somehow, he was out and roaming around only to end up back in the courtroom. The head can only shake when mentally juxtaposing this with the “mass incarceration” notion of law enforcement brutally and specifically cracking down on black males for minimal malefactions.

US-law enforcement should adhere to the absolute-top level of their profession. With that in mind, it’s no surprise for Big Media to feature authorities unjustly pummeling a black male to death—more so when it’s captured on video. On that same note, a white-on-black murder safely gets mainstream-news attention followed by public outcry. However, black-on-black misdoings carry no weight with major networks. In Chicago alone, 4,300 people died via guns—that encompasses 24 children less-than-12 years of age. Oddly, had those numbers reflected white fatalities, it would’ve been utter chaos—with the media building a basecamp there to broadcast the demise of civility. Unfortunately, due to situation entailing mostly black folks, hardly anyone even batted an eyelash…save law enforcement.

The Black Live Matter protesters are ironically among those who ignore such social injustice. Many times, like a flash mob, this group shows up and often incites violence over vulgar displays of authoritarian power (because that totally conveys peace)—but they’ve never reportedly done the same for black-on-black crimes. Had a minute fraction of the anti-racist-police support been given to repairing black communities, policing wouldn’t even be a conversation topic. It’s a byproduct at best. In order to prevent a surplus of cops swarming your area, take preventative measures to lower the murder rate…


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