Seventy-Year-Old Woman Says Migrants Defecated In Streets and Set Cars on Fire—Cops Charge Her With Hate Crime.

[Refugees burn cars among other public indecencies in Sweden. | Photo: Acid Zero via Commons BY-NC-SA]
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In Sweden, it seems to be a natives-out refugees-in case—especially in the following. An elderly woman was slapped with a hate crime upon posting on Facebook about immigrants defecating in public and igniting cars on fire. (…pretty sure anyone would say something upon witnessing such acts, no matter who did it.)

[Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images]
In recent years, Sweden has played host to infinitely many refugees. Their Nordic once-relaxing utopia has digressed to a dumping ground for crime and rape. Even Swedish authorities dare not enter “no-go zones”—areas reserved for refugees (no entry, no law enforcement). Local feminists vacated the densely populated premises for fear of misogynistic immigrants.

Amid the 2015 influx of refugees, the elderly woman posted about migrants “set[ting] fire to cars and urinat[ing] and defecat[ing] on the streets.”

Upon a deep search, local prosecutors assessed her post to be against Sweden’s law forbidding incitement of racial discrimination. (Apparently, in her post, she expressed a disdain for the immigrants.) A four-year prison sentence is looming over her. While the elderly woman admits to writing up the post, she argues she is innocent of any illegalities.

If that doesn’t seem utterly ridiculous, Sweden also barely punished two refugees for physically assaulting a young man—to the point of near death (as well as violently raping his female companion). They’re both doing a less-than-four-years stint in prison as a result of their crimes.

[Police liaise immigrants entering Sweden. | Circa 2015 | Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency/Reuters]
Not even two days upon President Trump’s February statement entailing Sweden’s immigrant issues, refugee-ridden Rinkeby endured chaos when “several cars were set on fire, shops were looted, and others attacked after police arrested a man in the area. A group of 30, young men also attacked police who were pelted with rocks and stones, and officers had to retreat to a nearby, petrol station to escape the violence,” a report availed.

While there are US websites claiming Sweden to be otherwise, an American reporter provided evidence showing Swedish police signaling him and his videographer to leave Stockholm’s suburb due to refugee locals “masking up.”

After this and other issues, Swedish law enforcers are going after their own people (the elderly even) who are courageously informing folks of factual situations over there. Sweden is seemingly suffering a snowball effect—not in their native citizens’ favor.


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