Sex Attacks At Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000 Percent

Swedish festivals
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The monumental rise of Swedish-festival sex attacks is without a doubt something of growing concern. The vile act has increased by a massive 1000 percent in 2016. The question we must all ask ourselves is “why?”.

I’m not going as far to say the immigrant-population rise in Sweden correlates with the rise in sex attacks in Swedish festivals—there isn’t enough data to make such a leap. (But it is definitely something to think about.)

Due to the surplus of sexual violence, Lisen Andréasson Florman founded non-governmental-organization The Night Shift to ultimately end the problem. The organization has documented over a hundred cases of sexual molestation.

Stockholm-based-amusement-park Grona Lund has thus far accrued at least four cases of sex attacks this year—compared to the one case in 2016.

Grona Lund’s security manager said, “All cases are reported to the police. It is young, teenage girls who have been victims. We have our own security center, where visitors can call. In addition, we have a security team, which patrols the park. It is good that the police reported. It’s an incredible, totally unacceptable behavior.”

And many festival organizers have put measures in place to stop sexual assaults at their events, but none seem to be working.

Thirty-two girls were reportedly sexually assaulted at the Putte i Parken in Karlstad last year. One victim, 17-year-old Alexandra Larsson, spoke out about her experience, saying, “First, someone touched me on the butt a few times. I turned around and inquired who had done it but got no answer. … This was repeated several times. Finally, someone took me on the genitals. Then I got angry and turned around and shouted, ‘Whoever it was, you are an idiot!’”

Another festival victim of sexual assault was a 12-year-old girl.

The perpetrators are said to be of “foreign origin,” which could bring up the issue of immigration. But as I said, there isn’t enough data to link the two issues to each other.

It should be noted, however, Sweden has a very weak border, and immigrants commit many of the crimes within the nation. It’s easy for one to assume the rising rate of sex attacks are due to the country’s weak border.

But again, let’s not jump to any conclusions—not just yet!


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