TERROR IN SWEDEN: Hijacked Truck Kills At Least Five People; “Three Gunmen” Open Fire

[Crash site of terrorists in Stockholm | Source: "The Daily Mail."]
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Around 3 p.m. in Stockholm, three, suspected terrorists recklessly charged and ended the lives of five citizens upon stealing a truck they drove into the front of a crowded department store. The suspects quickly left the crash site and used firearms and a knife to clear the way for their escape.

[Source: Aftonbladet.se]
While authorities have detained two of the men, there’s third man on the loose. In an effort to catch him, police are circulating the closed-circuit surveillance from Klarabergsgatan’s street cameras. The suspect was last seen in a green jacket, white shoes and a grey, hooded sweatshirt. Until the situation has been resolved, Stockholm Central Station and subway system are closed. Authorities suspect he may have taken cover in the tunnels.

Hundreds raced away from the truck, fearing danger. The site was surrounded in blood on the streets, covered bodies—multiple people suffered injuries. Stockholm authorities have not disclosed any convictions.

[CCTV still frame of escapee | Source: Stockholm CCTV]
During the hijacking of the truck, one balaclava-covered suspect shoved the original driver onto the ground—mild injuries. The terrorists themselves tried to make a run for it into the Stockholm Central Station while shooting bystanders—two citizens were stabbed.

Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has assessed the evidence thus far and believes it to be an act of terrorism. Swedish authorities said there have been three fatalities and eight injured. However, a Swedish report witnessed five lifeless bodies on the ground.

Swedish native and renowned-chess-player Ulf Andersson said, “The police are really, really scared. They are telling people to move from the central parts of the city and not to walk in groups.”

Stockholm local Dan Horning resides on the “main walking street” and site of the incident. While he wasn’t home when it all went down, Horning said, “My door was right where the terror attack started. Somebody drove a truck down my street in Stockholm (about six blocks) and hit a lot of people. … It is a main walking street in the center of Stockholm and was filled with people. We don’t know the death toll yet, but it could be enormous.”

[Video: courtesy of BlogDaily via The Daily Mail]

Several witnesses commented on the incident:

“Anna” said: “I saw hundreds of people ran—they ran for their lives. … I turned and ran as well.”

Jan Granroth said, “We stood inside a shoe store, and people started screaming. So I looked out of the store, and I saw a huge truck slam into the wall opposite.”

“Dimitri” said, “I went to the main street when a big truck came out of nowhere. I could not see if anyone was driving it, but it got out of control. … I saw at least two being run over—I ran as fast as I could.”

Maria Nathalie, who was on the top level of the building, heard the fire alarm sound. In a phone interview with NBC, she said, “People started running down the stairs when the fire alarm started. … When we came down to the bottom of the building, all we could see was a lot of smoke.”

Paramedics were on the scene and tending to the injured almost immediately upon the terrorists fleeing.

Forty-two-year-old Veronica Durango, who was roughly three feet away from being hit, said, “I could have died.”

[Paramedics aiding the injured amid blood pools in the street. | Source: The Daily Mail]
[The aftermath. | Photo: Swepix/Splash News]

[Video: YouTube/GreatClipsFromSweden via The Daily Mail]

In a statement, the Swedish royal House of Bernadotte said, “We follow the developments, and our thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

Not even a month upon the incident at Westminister, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the victims and the families who have been affected by the horrific attack in Stockholm today. … The full details are still emerging; but once again, it looks like we have seen a despicable act of terrorism aimed at harming innocent people and attacking our shared values of democracy, freedom, justice and tolerance. … Londoners know how it feels to suffer from senseless and cowardly terrorism. And I know we share a steely determination with the people of Stockholm that we will never allow terrorists to succeed. … We will never be cowed by terrorism, and today—London stands united with Stockholm, and Londoners stand with the people of Stockholm.”


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