Wow: Muslim Beheads Shopper At IKEA Store; Company Makes Huge Change

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While the US is enduring its own socio-political issues, Sweden’s also experiencing a PC epidemic.

At the country’s biggest IKEA hub, an Eritrean Muslim man took a knife and butchered a 57-year-old Swedish native and her 22-year-old son—one victim literally lost their head.

[Biggest IKEA in Sweden | Source:]
Caught on store cameras, the 35-year-old asylum seeker used two IKEA-brand kitchen blades to violently murder the mother and son.

Due to the killer’s convenience in finding his weapons, knives are currently not being carried in IKEA. Well, that’s certainly one way to thwart jihad-style Muslim killings.

Breitbart had the details:

“Immediately after the attack by the newly arrived migrants, who shared a room in a government-asylum shelter and had only arrived in the country less than four weeks before, Swedish police rushed to protect migrant communities from ‘dark forces in society.’

‘Local police across the region have been tasked with taking these measures, to be there for safety purposes for everyone there—those who work there and those who live there,’ Vastmanland Police Spokesman Per Agren said, as quoted by Reuters.”

[Ukbagabir in Murderwares | Source: IKEA cameras]
Because it’s so important to save immigrant-populated areas from “dark forces in society”—like IKEA with those dangerous, two-dollar vases, three-dollar table mats and various trinkets just lying around all over the place. There are several items just screaming, “Hey, use me to bludgeon people to death!” God forbid those evil, IKEA stores go rogue.

Rather than taking necessary action, let’s sweep this under the rug and ignore it—eh’hem…Sweden.

“After the stabbing, the store reopened [the next morning]. News Agency AFP reports Swedish police have been ‘tight-lipped’ over what precisely happened in the store and have refused to confirm various claims in the local and global media—from the identity of the victims and perpetrators, the exact nature of the murder weapons, to whether it was a beheading. There are unconfirmed suggestions in the fringe press that the killers shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ as they struck.”

And let’s not talk about this at all—no need. We also shouldn’t stress that IKEA retailers do not allow guns on the premises. Additionally, upon this incident, knives won’t be allowed either.

Hell, the word’s still out on the store’s other, potentially deadly items—e.g., rolling pins, skillets, forks…


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