8-Year-Old Drives Younger Sister To McDonald’s To Satisfy Burger Craving

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When a kid wants a burger, a kid wants a burger! Am I right? One 8-year-old from Ohio wanted a burger so badly that he stole his parents’ van while they were asleep and drove to McDonald’s Drive-Thru with his 4-year-old sister.

This occurred around 8 pm on Sunday and believe it or not, no one realized that it was an 8-year-old driving. The boy actually drove really well, obeying all the traffic laws and not hitting anyone. He was a model little driver.

The police did eventually catch up to the little one and gave him a stern talking to. The boy couldn’t hold back his tears when talking to the police, saying that he just wanted a cheeseburger.

East Palestine Police officer Jacob Koehler says that he was very “impressed” with the boys driving skills which, he told local news outlet 21 News, were learned from watching YouTube videos. Go figure! If an 8-year-old can learn to drive watching YouTube videos why do we even need driving instructors? (LOL JK).

The parents of the children will not be getting into trouble for the actions of the two kids as it was “not a case of neglect” according to the police. The children were not hungry and already ate three times that day. The kids just had the urge for McDonald’s.

“A friend of the family saw what was going on and called the grandparents,” Koehler said.

The kids eventually got their McDonald’s while waiting for their grandparents to come get them.

If something had gone wrong it would have been a completely different story but the boy’s driving skills were good enough to keep him and his sister safe. Hopefully, he doesn’t do it again and next time instead of taking the matter into his own hands he would nag his parents all day for a burger, like a regular kid.

Source: AOL News


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