Amazon Selling Expired Emergency Contraception Pills, Vendors Scratching Dates Off Boxes

[Source: Vice]
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Emergency contraception, also called “the morning-after pill,” can be picked up at just about any local pharmacy. Back in 2009, you may have had to go to the pharmacy counter to access it, but it was available without a prescription nonetheless. Four years later, the morning-after pill was moved to the regular retail aisles—at least in most pharmacies.

If you were to say that emergency contraception is easily accessible, you’d be right.

Whether or not that emergency contraception is always safe to take, however, seems to be another matter—especially if you order it online from a place like Amazon. Recently, it has come to light that the popular online retailer has been distributing expired morning-after pills—not just recently expired pills either. In some cases, the pills have been expired for several months prior to being purchased.

One young man, “Jeremy A.,” reported that the expiry dates on the emergency contraception pills he ordered had actually been scratched off the boxes. Close inspection of the packaging revealed the pills had expired in July 2016—a staggering six months before they were ordered.


As reported, “He reached out to the maker of the drug, who then instructed him carefully lift the cardboard circle covering the pill—without breaking the foil—to examine the wrapping of the individual pills. He found they were dated July 2016, six months before Jeremy had made the order.”

Jeremy received a refund from Amazon after speaking with the product’s manufacturer and filing complaints with both Amazon and the FDA. Unfortunately, sources are also claiming that Amazon has still not reached out to other customers who purchased other potentially expired pills.

Is it only a matter of time before an Amazon vendor kills a customer with old pills?



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