Animal Testing For Cosmetics Industry May Soon Be Thing Of Past

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Animal testing is one of the more despicable aspects of the cosmetic and body care industry. Luckily, cruelty-free products are all the rage right now. It’s easy to understand why: no one wants to use products that harmed animals, especially animals that could just as easily be kept as pets.

It comes as no surprise then, that one of the most popular cosmetic and body care companies–L’Oreal–is seeking to hop on the bandwagon.

In an effort to appease the public’s call for an end to animal testing, L’Oreal has created EpiSkin, a synthetic skin that eliminates the need for innocent animals to be tested on. The company’s researchers are already using the lab-grown skin to test the safety and efficacy of products before they hit store shelves.

But, EpiSkin is also a budding business opportunity as well, since L’Oreal sells the product to countless other companies–and not just those in the field of cosmetics. Pharmaceutical companies and producers of household items and chemicals are also hopping on board with the synthetic skin product.

As sources report, “It’s difficult to estimate the impact that EpiSkin and EpiDerm have on reducing animal testing and related deaths. In the United States, for instance, animal use per endpoint is not publicly available, said Amy Clippinger, director of PETA’s regulatory testing department. Clippinger has extrapolated data available from the U.K., however, indicating that the number of animals used for skin irritation and corrosion testing worldwide has gone down significantly over the past 15 years.”

One thing is for sure: animal testing is out, and cruelty-free is in: polling data shows 50 percent of US adults oppose animal testing, and that 67 percent are “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about the practice.

Will animal testing be a thing of the past some day soon? One can only hope.



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