Bill Nye, The Population Control Guy?

[Source: Daily Wire]
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Bill Nye’s attempt at rekindling the flame of his beloved 90’s TV show continues to leave a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. Once known as “The Science Guy,” Nye proves he’s really anything but in his new show “Bill Nye Saves the World.” As you might expect, the show is less about saving the world, and more about pushing Left-wing propaganda. To add to the outlandish subjects he has been pushing, it appears that he is now diving into population control.

The thirteenth–and final episode–of Bill Nye’s new show was no different than others that came before it. This time, Nye and his guest, Travis Reider – who’s described as a “Bioethics Ethicist,” went so far as to suggest that people who have “extra children” should be penalized. What “extra children” is defined as isn’t specified, but the exchange was nonetheless disturbing.

Would you say that “penalties” are a form of encouragement, or more like the type of scare tactics we would expect to see in countries run by tyrants? Certainly, punishment for having more than a certain number of children is one way to impose your will. Whether or not it’s “ethical” is up for debate.

The duo went on to regale Niger–one of the world’s most impoverished countries with an equally dismal quality of life and one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world–for their low rate of carbon emissions.

You see, according to Reider, the rest of us are “emitters,” meaning that we emit more carbon and are consequentially to blame for global warming. Of course, it’s easy not to emit much carbon when you have next to nothing. As sources say, American farm animals likely have a better quality life than the people of Niger. Nye and Reider also conveniently forgot to mention that developed nations are infinitely cleaner and create less pollution than less-developed countries.

If they were really concerned about the environment, they would have considered all the facts instead of just those that fit their agenda.



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