Bill Nye’s New Show Is Anti-Science, Pushes Left-Wing Transgender Agenda

bill nye [Source: Geek Insider]
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The man who once believed in science is now making a mockery of it on his new TV show on Netflix, “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

Bill Nye The Science Guy may have been an icon during the nineties, but it seems that perhaps he would have been better off leaving his glory days in the past. Instead of leaving the spotlight gracefully, Nye has instead taken to various Left-wing agendas–and has probably ruined any fond memories people have of him from their childhood.

“Saves” of course, is a rather subjective term here; many people would argue that his latest video–a troubling duet with Rachel Bloom called “Sex Junk”–isn’t going to be saving anyone, any time soon.

The song is geared to promote transgenderism and claim that human genders are not “binary.” One of the strange lines from the song claims that, “This world of ours is so full of choice. But must I choose between only John or Joyce? Are my options only hard or moist? My vagina has its own voice.”

And that’s just a small sampling from the eye-roll inducing video.

Sources say that the video promptly received over 10,000 dislikes on YouTube, compared to just 170 likes. This is apparently what happens when you pander to a minority of the population with a lewd and ridiculous song about your “sex junk.” Is anyone surprised?

Make no mistake, Bill Nye’s return to TV is nothing more than a ploy to further various left-wing agendas and brainwash people into believing the anti-science narrative leftists continue to present as “facts.” Nye may have been great when he was still “The Science Guy,” but it’s clear he’s anything but these days.



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