Brave Mom of 3 Takes Down Intruder During Home Invasion

[Source: Fox 59]
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While the liberal media loves to bash gun owners, it’s hard to argue with a mom protecting herself and her children during a home invasion. Recently in Indianapolis, Indiana, a mother-of-three shot and killed an intruder in self-defense. The woman says she was home alone with her three young children, when she witnessed someone trying to break into their apartment, located on the city’s east side.

Reports indicate that she first heard someone entering into their home, and then was soon face-to-face with an armed intruder, who has been identified as 19-year-old Michael Hawkins.

Fortunately, the mother was armed and opened fire on the man breaking into her home. Police say the young man died in the doorway. The woman and her children, however, were unharmed and are said to be cooperating with the police in every way. It is moments like this that make you grateful for gun rights.

While some may say its sad that Hawkins was killed, the fact is that he was armed and broke into someone’s home. Had the mother not been armed, it is very possible that she and her three children would have been killed—a scenario that many would say is far more gruesome.

Neighbor Julius Radcliffe says that after hearing the gunshots, he saw one man flee the scene on foot, while another drove away. Police have not yet confirmed if they are suspected of being connected to the home invasion.

Another neighbor from the apartment building, Janice Taylor, commented, “You have to defend yourself. We have laws for that.” Given that this is the second Indianapolis home invasion where a parent was forced to fire at an intruder in two days, its clear that self-defense is indeed necessary. Fortunately, we have the Second Amendment to thank for our right to do just that: defend ourselves.


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