More Of Brewdog, And Their Trigger Happy Lawyers. This Time Threatening Another Bar For Having The Word ‘Punk’ In It’s Name.

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Music promoter Tony Green was in the final stages of opening a bar in Leeds called “Daft Punk” when the big bad Brewdog attacked. Brewdog and their “trigger happy lawyers” threatened Tony Green with a lawsuit, forcing him not to use the word “punk” in the name of the bar.

“They can’t own punk, that’s the whole point. It’s inherited, it’s British culture,” Green said about the dispute.

Brewdog currently has a popular Punk IPA beer which has been a part of the breweries beer selection since 2007. The brewery also used the term “punk” in its “Equity for Punks” business.

The brewery has very strong ties to the term “punk” and believes that naming a bar “Daft Punk” is a violation of Brewdog’s trademark rights and will “take unfair advantage of, or be detrimental to” Brewdog’s “punk” branded beer.

The law firm representing Brewdog, Lawrie IP, wrote in a letter December last year: “Our client is very concerned that provision of food and drink services under the mark Draft Punk would give rise to a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace, including a likelihood of association with our client’s earlier mark Punk.”

Green was unable to fight back because he didn’t have enough money to do so and no longer plans on opening the bar anymore.

“When we got the letter from them we were a bit gutted. We can see why they sent it but we replied and said it was nothing to do with their beer,” he said.

“We asked how they were going to compensate us and they just said we had to cease and desist or they’d take us to court. After all of it, I just thought whatever, we can think of another name. But how dare you own that word, you can’t have it. You’ll get no sob story from us but they were just nasty and heavy-handed from start to finish.”

This is just another incident of the “trigger happy lawyers” that Brewdog talks about. On Monday, word got out that Brewdog was dropping the suit over the Lone Wolf pub name, blaming the entire dispute on their “trigger happy lawyers”.

Let’s hope that their “trigger happy lawyers” can calm the hell down before they destroy another bar over some stupid squabbles.

Source: The Guardian


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