Catholic School Cancels LGBT Play For 5-Year-Olds, LGBT Community Outraged

[Source: Epic Pew]
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A Canadian Catholic school district recently pulled the plug on a play about “gender identity,” and the LGBT community is outraged by their decision. Apparently, transgender supporters were surprised that a religious community decided that the discussion about transgenderism may prove inappropriate for grade school children.

Members of the play’s intended audience were to be as young as five years old, and their parents would not have been present to discern whether or not the performance’s content was appropriate for their child or children to view.

The play, which is called “Boys, Girls and other Mythological Creatures,” and featured an 8 year old boy who wore girls’ clothing and “questioned his gender.” Five elementary schools from the Niagara Catholic School District had already booked the performance.

One Catholic elementary school already had the pleasure of viewing the play–and it not take officials long to realize that it was not what they thought it was. The school district even released a statement explaining that they had not been aware about the true nature of the play, and that it “was not originally presented as a play about gender identity.”

It’s really not that unexpected that a Catholic school system would not take kindly to being deceived about the nature of any performance, but especially one that contained inappropriate content.

As reported, Jessica Carmichael, the artistic director of the Carousel Playhouse, commented, “I fear these cancellations may be based on misinformation, grown out of fear, intolerance, transphobia, homophobia and misogyny.” No Left-wing argument is complete without throwing out a list of “phobias,” or the word “misogyny.” Of course, Carmichael conveniently glosses over the fact that as far as they were concerned, they were deceived about the film’s purpose and content–which is more than enough to get you in hot water.



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