Censorship: NJ High School Scrutinized For Removing Trump Logos From Yearbook Photos

[Grant Berardo's T-shirt (original) | Photo: Joseph Berardo Jr.]
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A New Jersey high school is facing serious backlash for censorship: a young man’s  photo was secretly, digitally edited to remove a Trump logo on his T-shirt before being printed in the year book.

Wall Township High School-teen Grant Berardo says while he wasn’t able to vote for Donald Trump last fall, he wanted to find a way to show his support. With his parents’ permission, 17-year-old Grant wore a navy-blue tee emblazoned with the “Make America Great Again” slogan in his school picture.

You can imagine his frustration when, upon viewing his photo in the yearbook, Grant discovered he was not pictured in his Trump shirt.

Someone had taken it upon themselves to digitally remove the Trump logo from of his shirt. Instead, Grant’s photo featured him in a plain, black tee.

[Grant Berardo photo before and after editing | Source: NY Daily News]
Grant says while he was upset (he likes Trump) and also irritated because like it or not, the president (and his slogan) are now a part of history. “Wearing that shirt memorializes the time,” Grant commented.

Grant was not the only person to be censored in the year book. Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago says a Trump logo was also erased from his vest in the picture. Montana Dobrovich-Fago, the freshman-class president, says her Donald Trump quote was also removed from her photo.

Wall School Superintendent Cheryl Dyer said she was “disturbed” by what happened to Grant’s photo and did not outwardly condone this censorship. Dyer said, “Political shirts are absolutely not a violation of the dress code.” She added there was no restriction on political messages in yearbook photos either. Dyer says she will be investigating the matter further to determine what happened and who was responsible.

It seems censorship is alive and well in America. While the motives for this have not been established, Joseph Berardo Jr., Grant’s father, says he believes it was “probably politically motivated,” and it’s pretty easy to see why. Why else would someone choose to censor Trump supporters?


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