CEO Hires Employees With “Beer and BBQ” Test, Grows Company To $200M In Annual Revenue

[Source: The Lavin Agency]
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If you were going to be hired based on your beer and BBQ preferences, do you think you’d make the cut? While it may sound like an easy way to get a job, it certainly is an unconventional hiring process. Not to mention, who actually hires people based on those things?

Well, back in 1994, the CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK did just that. Brian Scudamore says that he fired all of his then-11 employees because he realized he was surrounded by the wrong people.

Speaking of the day he let his employees go, Scudamore said, “One of the things I realized that day was that I wasn’t enjoying working with these people.” And when he embarked on the hiring process, he says he found himself wondering,”Would I have a beer with this person? Would I have them over for a barbecue?” And so, the beer and BBQ test was born.

While Scudamore doesn’t require anyone to actually smoke a brisket or bring a six pack, he does ask that anyone conducting interviews with potential employees ask themselves two questions: “Could you see yourself sitting down and enjoying a beer or coffee with this person, and if we had a company barbecue, how would they fit in?”

Scudamore is all about the environment, and wants to make sure his employees work in a happy one. While it may sound odd, it seems that this approach is working out well for the business. Since that fateful day over twenty years ago, 1-800-GOT-JUNK has grown by leaps and bounds. With over 400 employees, the business operates in some 180 metro areas and they’re pulling in a cool $200 million in yearly revenue.



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