Chicagoland: Parents Furious After Students Were Forced To Attend A “Social Justice” Seminar

[Source: Wikipedia]
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It isn’t a secret that students across the country are indoctrinated by left-wing teachers. The education system has been politicized nationwide. Due to the extreme, liberal bias in the classroom, many conservatives are quickly finding themselves and their beliefs to be a target.

[Academic data compiled by American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Perry | Source: Peter’s Blog]
Young children are the most vulnerable, with many instances of sex-ed classes normalizing abnormal, gender identities and deviant, sexual behaviors.

The percentage of home-schooled children has skyrocketed in recent years. This is undoubtedly due to not just the lower-quality education received from common, core curriculum but also from families unwilling to have their children become indoctrinated by a non-traditional system.

Recently, a Chicago-area school attempted to force a “social justice” seminar on students. Parents were shocked when they heard about the mandatory event, and quickly set up a website to fight against the far-left indoctrination of their children.

“A suburban-Chicago high school is going forward with an ‘All-School Seminar Day‘ Tuesday that features far-left speakers on subjects including police ‘genocide’ against black Americans and suppression of their voting rights.

New Trier Township High School, split between campuses in Winnetka and Northfield, did not consult parents on the event lineup—which includes an original, graphic, rap song—and has ignored their vocal objections.”

Luckily, the event was eventually changed from mandatory attendance to optional for students. The need for parents to protest against divisive views being taught to their children is horrifying—but it’s just another day in post-Obama American schools.


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