Conservative, New, Miss USA Rejects Feminism, Says Health Care Is Not a Right…

[Miss USA 2017, Kara McCullough | Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
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As of March 14th, 2017, Miss District of Columbia (Kara McCullough) gained the Miss USA crown—but there was ridiculously some sociopolitical baggage… FOX aired the contest as Kara McCullough was awarded the prestigious moniker. However, liberal hate sprang up over Miss DC’s conservative responses during the interview portion.

Her apparently terrible answers entailed opining that health care is something US citizens earn—through having a job. More, when asked about feminism, McCullough said she was a proponent of equality (re: women in the workplace) rather than the misandry of contemporary feminists.

Julianne Hough and Terrence J. played hosts for the pageant, as Hough threw the health-care inquiry at Miss DC—a scientist for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

[Video: courtesy of FOX via MRC Newsbusters]

How dare someone dismiss the liberal motto of people simply deserving health care rather than working for it—what’s wrong with her? More, where does she get off with perpetuating an economic system that pushes for jobs to be provided for US citizens? (God forbid… Lazy liberals…)

The final question entailing feminism was thrown at Miss DC and the other, two candidates. McCullough explained she wasn’t a “die hard” man-hating feminist—re: misandrists. Oh, the evil… It could be said there might’ve been feminazis flipping out upon McCullough considering men and women to be equal. Miss Minnesota offered a vague reply entailing non-descriptive genders. Miss New Jersey opted for the pro-liberal route with the “fight for equality” and putting an “equal world” cherry on top.

[Video: courtesy of FOX via MRC Newsbusters]

What was meant to be a time-honored pageant transitioned into liberals hating on an intelligent, attractive, conservative-based woman who was awarded the crown.

But there will almost certainly be sore losers in any contest. Nevertheless, fingers crossed McCullough’s new Miss USA title doesn’t avail walking back her words, “clarifying” everything in order to appease the leftists who couldn’t accept defeat.


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