Conservatives Are Staying Away From Left-Wing Colleges For Good Reason

disputed news [Source: Libertarian Republic]
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It’s practically common knowledge that these days, many universities focus on left-wing ideologies and do nothing but mock conservative values. In many cases, even trying to discuss conservative views will earn nothing but ridicule, scorn and suppression. As such, many conservative parents are leaning toward sending their children to less-biased universities. People do not want their views to be disrespected and dismissed—something you can be fairly certain will happen at the more radical, left-wing colleges.

David M. Whalen, the provost of Hillsdale College (known for its conservative reputation), says he’s seen an increase in the number of parents looking to send their children to Hillsdale. More right-leaning parents are doing their best to stay away from radically left colleges that are, at best, dismissive of conservative values. Whalen commented, “Higher education has been progressively radicalizing for a long time, but recent events have brought the extent of it into high relief.”

“It’s virtually beyond parody. Campus violence, suppression of speech and intellectual inquiry, and the rather haughty presumption of moral superiority undercut confidence that much of real value is going on there,” he added.

Unsurprisingly, in response to the left-wing radicalization of colleges, many Republicans are seeking alternatives for their children. Not only do parents want to ensure their children will not become targets for their political views, it’s clear they want to make sure their kids do not fall prey to radical left-wing indoctrination. It’s not just a little, liberal philosophy here and there; recently at UC Berkeley, protesters took to smashing windows and lighting fireworks to fight an upcoming lecture with Milo Yiannopoulos. Berkeley is just one of many left-wing colleges to exhibit such displays of hatred.

Fighting against free speech, among other things, is simply beyond comprehension. For many people, that alone gives rise to concerns about the effects an education from liberal, left-wing colleges can have on society. Recently, Pew Research Center polling data availed a growing majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are skeptical of college and believe it’s having a negative effect on our nation. When these extreme left-wing ideals are combined with massive, student debt and inability to find gainful employment, it’s really not that surprising.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni President Michael Poliakoff notes that concerns about college’s effect on young people are bipartisan. “Perceptive thinkers of both parties have expressed very legitimate concerns about graduates who do not have appreciable respect for the First Amendment and are unable to rationally engage with social and political views other than their own,” he commented.

While college may have once been a place of learning, many people (especially conservatives) are realizing that in many areas, popular institutions are becoming places of indoctrination rather than real education.


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