Cop Steps Foot Onto Public Bus, Dash Cam Captures Footage Of Bus Driver’s Unforgettable Act

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I’ve written a lot of stories about unlikely heroes. From homeless people to fluffy dogs, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and all professions. One profession that doesn’t get enough credit is the men and women of the public transportation system. They get millions of people home every day to their families safely which in my books is an act of heroism. Jeannie Mitchell is one of these heroes but she recently took her heroism to a whole other level.

While working her usual Route 35 trip on the Milwaukee County Transit system she spotted two little kids walking along the pavement, hand in hand. It may have appeared like a normal situation for some people but not for Jeannie, she knew something was wrong.

The boy was about one-year-old and his older sister was barely even able to keep him on his feet. The two looked very scared and Jeannie, being a mother herself, felt compassion for the kids. She stopped the bus next to the kids, opened the door and said, “Sweetie, where ya’ll going. Who are you with?”

The kids didn’t say much to Jeannie but she knew exactly what to do. She picked the kids up then called the police. The police did an investigation and found out that the kids’ babysitter had lost them, to the despair of their mom.

The kids were reportedly attempting to find the house of one of their relatives when Jeannie found them.

Jeannie, of all people, knew just how the mother must have been feeling. 15 years ago her 5-year-old went missing for 12 hours. It was a horrible 12 hours for Jeannie. But a kind stranger found her son and helped him home. And now, the universe allowed Jeannie to return the favor to another mother.

Check out the video below to see how Jeannie helped the two kids find their way back home:

Source: Heart Eternal


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