Craft Beer On The Rise In Vietnam

[Source: BDG Vietnam]
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Craft beer has made its mark on the United States, and local breweries have become the highlight of many communities. But the craft beer craze has expanded around the globe, and every country has their own unique spin on how they create new beer. In Vietnam, craft beer is taking the nation by storm–and with the myriad of flavors and styles being produced, it’s easy to see why.

At BiaCraft, in Ho Minh City, there are 50 craft beers on tap–and they’re even working on getting an on-site machine so patrons can take their bubbly goodness to go, in the form of a growler.

Alex Violette, a Boulder, Colorado native that was a member of the Upslope Brewing Company team, and John Reid, an American expat joined forces to create Pasteur Street Brewing Company, which some say helped to bring Vietnam’s craft beer scene to life.

The duo say that they didn’t want to create American craft beer, they wanted to make beer that was distinctly Vietnamese. And so, delectable creations like the Jasmine IPA, Passion Fruit Wheat, and the award-winning Cyclo Imperial Chocolate Stout were born. Pasteur Street Brewing Company has even created a durian beer. Durian is a prized fruit in Asia, but it’s also known for its strong smell that’s often compared to sweaty feet or stinky blue cheese. East West Brewing Company also boasts a variety of unique brews, including the flavors of local fruits like lychee ales, Asian pear wheat stouts, calamansi lime IPAs and porters flavored with Vietnamese coffee beans and palm sugar.

The flow of beer in Vietnam doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. For the Vietnamese, the craft brew phenomenon is only getting more exciting. As reported “Beer aficionados in Ho Chi Minh City can now choose from roughly a dozen local breweries, take a craft beer tour on back of a scooter, or learn a few tricks of the trade at a pop-up event by the Saigon Beer School.”



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