Dad Takes Daughter And Best Friend To Father-Daughter Dance For Touching Reason

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One of the many daddy-duties that Russ Saputo takes very seriously is attending father-daughter dances at Trinity Lutheran School in Elkhart with his 10-year-old Angelina. But another special girl was invited to the dance with them and the reason behind it is very heartwarming.

Angelina Saputo and Ellcy Miller, 9, have been best friends since kindergarten making Ellcy basically a part of the Saputo family. But that’s not the reason why Angelina’s father took Ellcy as a second date to the dance. Last year, Ellcy’s father had passed away. His tragic death occurred just a month before Ellcy and her dad were supposed to go to a father-daughter dance at St. Thomas the Apostle in Elkhart.

Saputo decided to step up and take Ellcy to that dance.

The following year (2017), the two families decided to keep the practice alive by inviting Ellcy to accompany Saputo again, this time with Saputo’s daughter, and Ellcy’s best friend Angelina.

“I said [to Angelina], ‘I know it’s your night, but what do you think about sharing and we can double date?'” Saputo said. “It was an easy choice for me. Whatever makes these little girls smile is what I’ll do. Ellcy is a sweetheart and she and Angelina have been friends since kindergarten.”

Angelina’s mother, Marisa Saputo, and Ellcy’s mom, Kellan White teamed up to prep the girls for their dance.

“It was really very touching and I totally think he’s the greatest father,” White told ABC News. “He treats Ellcy like she’s his own. She can tell him anything — that’s the type of relationship they have together and Angelina and Ellcy are sisters. They just have different mothers and fathers.”

And I’m happy to report that Saputo and the two girls had an amazing time at the dance.

Hats off to Saputo for inviting Ellcy to the dance and hats off to Angelina for allowing it, since it was her night. Don’t forget to like and share this touching story.

Source: ABC News


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