Darryl Strawberry: “President Trump, He’s A Great Man To Me”

[Photo: Jim McIsaac/ Getty Images]
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ESPN commentator Jemele Hill recently came under fire for posting a slew of insulting tweets aimed at President Trump—most notably, denouncing him as a “white supremacist” and a “bigot.” However, baseball legend Darryl Strawberry has a few words for her. When asked about Hill’s tweets, Strawberry said, “I think no one should call anyone anything. President Trump, he’s a great man to me.”

Speaking on Fox Business’ Varney & Co, the former-New York Mets player talked about Trump’s graciousness and kindness. Strawberry got to know Trump back in 2010, during an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. “He was always gracious to me. I really love him, his family; I was on his show and he’s always been kind to me,” Strawberry stated.

The four-time World Series champion continued, commenting that people often “say things because they have their own issues and they’re hurting on the inside.” He added, “When you’re pointing fingers at someone else, three are pointing back at you.”

The former major-league baseballer called for an end to negativity, stating we should all “learn to love each other.” Strawberry also noted that instead of “pointing fingers” at the president, people should be trying their best to show their support. He commented, “We all need to pray for him, and we all need to support him—that’s what we need to do.”

Darryl Strawberry wasn’t the only one to defend Trump, of course. The backlash against Hill and ESPN over the outrageous tweets was swift; many were angered over the unfounded insults she hurled at the president. In response to Jemele Hill’s Twitter rant, ESPN issued a statement that declared her views did not represent the network and her comments had been “addressed.” ESPN claims Hill recognized her insults were “inappropriate.”


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