Dez Bryant: Black Culture Needs To Stop Blaming White People, Take Accountability

Dez Bryant [Source: CBS Sports]
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Successful athletes are coming forward to speak against the black community blaming their problems on white people–and attacking blacks who don’t appear “black enough.” In the past, basketball legend Charles Barkley has been a critic of people being held back by not taking individual responsibility for themselves–while blaming innocent groups of people for their issues. Now, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant has come forward with statements of his own.

Bryant has said that like Barkley, he feels that it is a shame that when a black person appears “sophisticated” they are attacked by other blacks, as if they are turning their back on black culture.

Speaking intelligently and bettering yourself is apparently something that can put a target on you in the black community–and it’s a shame. Barkley and Bryant feel that the biggest thing holding back black people–is other black people.

As reported, “What is wrong with being sophisticated and black? Why do we associate those who choose the straight-and-narrow as not being ‘black enough?’ Why was it that I was one of the first examples of success to my friend?” he asked.

“We focus hard on fighting the realities that exist instead of creating our own reality,” added Bryant. “The ones who came for us (Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X) paved a new path for us to follow. The struggles and hurt they endured created new life for us today.

“It is not our job to carry the burden, but it is our job to lead by example,” he wrote.”

Although many may feel the statements are controversial, there is nothing controversial about hoping to better ones community by speaking up for those who are trying to better themselves.



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