Here are 8, Sensible, Life Hacks That Take A Page From The “Book Of Home Remedies”

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People offer up infinitely many, cheap solutions to those every-day home tasks, but most of them are almost useless or basically balderdash. Upon observing random encounters, here are a handful of options surely to improve some of life’s home drudgeries:

  1. The DIY Dust Trap: whether it’s installing mounting hooks or laying cable, drilling drywall almost always leaves a dusty mess. Vacuum cleaners, brooms and dustpans take unnecessary time that could go toward cracking open a cold one when the work is done.
  2. Instant, Headlight Honer: bring back the sharpness to a cars “sight”—add some additional life onto those lights. Shine up those lights with the same substance used to avail a sparkle to those chompers—yes, toothpaste. Do this upon giving the automobile a clean wash, and drive down the street with that new-car look sans aged headlamps.3. Incognito Ale: whether it’s a family trip to the shore, a Beach-Blanket Bingo with friends or a solo surf, be a smooth character when consuming that suds. Kick the koozies and out with the on-the-go mugs. By making a couple cuts to those soda cans, you’ll not only be getting additional use but also appear “responsible” while living it up leisurely.

4. Whippersnapper, Shortcut String: when left at home with the little tykes, it can be hard to herd them. Rather than be worn out from the constant chase, keep them on a leash—no purchase necessary! Grab a few of those useless, hoody strings, pull them out and tie together to form a stretchable connector to keep in constant contact with the kids. In this case, when the ankle biter wants some in-the-air action, tie it to the swing and pull…

5. Cargo-Bed Cooler: no pool? No problem! Grab a tarp and wrangle up the truck (or a buddy’s). Tuck the tarp snuggly into the crevices, fasten down with duct tape, haul the hose over and fill… (Empty and refill with each use.)

6. Redneck Loveseat: why should yuppies be privy to all the art? Here’s a project with a hopefully passionate fruit of labor. If that truck’s a lost cause, the proper tools can turn it into an outdoor seat under the stars (with a lovely lady). Simply shorten the bed, turn the tailgate to the other side, affix some sturdy piping to the bottom, pack in some throw pillows and voila! (Good luck…!)

7. Suds ‘n’ Shower: finding a new, shower head can be a hell of a task—the shopping, selecting and shipping… While awaiting the replacement part, here’s a short-term solution to that’s better than enduring that rusty lime-infested sprinkler. Hit up the corner, hardware store for the proper pipe then shotgun a beer upon returning home. Grab some duct tape and a hanger then poke holes in the side of the can. Assemble (as shown below) and clean up. (Fresh tape required for each use.)

8. Trashcan Jacuzzi: did that hot-tub fund go toward summer splashing for the tykes? A compromise is in order. To add heat power to the pool, grab the old trashcan, cut a hole in the side and tightly fasten a hose to it. Once that’s done, invoke that inner pyromaniac to build a blaze in the can. While the brimstone’s brewing, take the hose’s other end and secure it to the pool’s sidewall. Pull out that vacuum base, and use the attachment tube as a connector between it and the pool wall—set the base to reverse. After a short while, that kiddie pool should be pumped full of heat and bubbles. Proceed to ease in and enjoy…


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