FAIR: Transgender Who Made Switch From Men’s To Women’s Volleyball Now Eyeing Olympics

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32-year-old transgender athlete Tia Thompson from Hawaii has a passion for playing volleyball and competed in many tournaments for USA volleyball. At first, he competed as a male since he was born a male but now he competes as a woman after he was declared eligible by USAV to do so.

As many would expect, Thompson has been doing very well playing against biological women in Hawaii and is now looking to compete in the Olympics as a woman as well.

“It’s a touchy subject because volleyball is a main sport here,” Thompson told NBC4.

“Because of my religious background with my dad’s side and my mom’s side, we didn’t speak of it, but we knew. As soon as I turned 18 and I moved out, I started transitioning and started taking hormones,” he added.

It is unclear whether Thompson had reassignment surgery but it is a non-matter as it is no longer a requirement to compete in the Olympics.

“USAV requires transgender women to undergo hormone replacement therapy consistently for at least one year — with proper documentation — and they also have to change their identification, like passports and birth certificates, to female. Before, some organizations, including the Olympics, would require trans athletes to have sex reassignment surgery,” notes NBC4.

“It took me three years to finally get approved with all the transitioning and all the hormone therapy and submitting all my paperwork to the gender committee,” said Thompson.

And this is just another instance of a man identifying as a woman and completely dominating women in a sport. This opens the debate…..is it fair for biological women to compete against biological males who identify as women? I mean, of course, it’s not fair but leftists have been preaching that gender is just a social construct and that it is indeed fair.

Now I’m not here to infringe on your opinion and make you think that I’m against transgenders. I am simply here to defend the rights of the biological women who have to compete against biological males in sports that they trained their whole lives for.

Let’s say Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet, wakes up tomorrow morning and decides that he wants to be a woman. Would it be fair for him to compete against women? NO IT WON’T BE FAIR! So why are we making it fair when it is clearly not.

But I would love to know what you think. Is it right for Thompson to compete with women? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Wire


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