Fake Story About NBA Champs Rejecting Trump Invite Takes Internet By Storm

[Source: Wikipedia]
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In the latest instance of “fake news” being propagated by the mainstream media, reporters began circulating a rumor that NBA champs, the Golden State Warriors, would be refusing to accept their invitation to meet President Donald Trump at the White House.

However, before the team can decline such an offer, it might be helpful for them to actually receive an invitation first. After the rumor circulated around the internet for a bit, the Warriors sent out a press release which explained that they had not even been invited to the White House yet.

Josh Brown, a stockbroker and CNBC talking head, apparently sent out a tweet claiming that “reports” said the Warriors had “unanimously” decided to boycott the President and abstain from meeting him.

“NBA champion Warriors skipping the White House visit, as a unanimous team decision per reports,” Brown tweeted on Tuesday.

But, as people began to question the legitimacy of Brown’s claim due to the absence of actual evidence, his little story began to unravel. He eventually admitted that he couldn’t find the first tweets he’d supposedly seen regarding the Warriors’ boycott, and suggested that they had been deleted.

Brown even went so far as to find another “source” of his information, but there was one little problem with this so-called evidence: It was published nearly an hour after Brown made his initial tweet.

Those pesky facts are always getting in the way of propaganda, aren’t they?

Some popular liberal figureheads such as Nancy Pelosi and Shaun King jumped at the chance to continue circulating the unfounded claim that the NBA champs had unanimously voted to skip meeting President Trump at the White House. Of course, you might say that’s not particularly surprising that several news outlets for sports and politics jumped on the story. While some made note of the fact that this tidbit was just a rumor, others neglected to report on the seemingly fictitious story responsibly. For example, sources say that NBC Sports merely stated, “Warriors will skip White House visit.” The Independent reportedly made a similar faux pas, as well.

But, according to the Warriors, they have yet to actually receive an invitation to the White House. The team says they’ll make a decision on the matter when and if they are invited.

Regardless, its evident that fake news is alive and well in the liberal media.


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