After Cochlear Implants, The First Meaningful Words She Hears Are In A Marriage Proposal

[Source: DailyPicksAndFlicks/Youtube]
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Andrea Diaz had the biggest day of her life captured on video—it is amazing. It was a big day for two reasons: first, Diaz was was given cochlear implants, which allowed her to to hear for the first time. As you can imagine, this is a huge moment in her life, and she is overcome with emotion.

But this is only one of the amazing events that will forever change her life. Keep an eye on Andrea’s boyfriend, Kevin Peakman. He had a little surprise waiting for her.

[Source: YouTube/DailyPicksandFlicks]

Wow! That is almost too much life-changing information for viewers to take in. It is impossible to imagine what Diaz must have been feeling at that moment.

While marriage certainly has the ability to change lives, cochlear implants are on a whole different playing field. This medical advance is an amazing change for those experiencing hearing loss. For many, hearing aids and other devices cannot remedy severe, hearing loss. A cochlear implant uses a small microphone attached to the skin, usually on the scalp, and runs small wires that send signals to the cochlea. This reproduces sound for the human brain and enables actual hearing for those suffering from deafness.

While there have been tens of thousands of people to receive cochlear implants, they are still not as common as you might think. A set of these high-tech devices costs about $100,000. It is hard to watch this video and not think these are a worthwhile investment.

Good luck, Andrea and Kevin!


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