Flanders Red Ale: Sour And Marvelous

[Source: VinePair]
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The varieties of beer available today are certainly something to marvel at. Most beers fall into one of two categories: lager or ale. But within those two categories, there are a host of options which include pilsners, stouts, porters, ambers, and whitbiers. These are just a few of the many types of beer you can find on the market today. Many have surprisingly never tried a sour beer; we recommend Flanders Red Ale.

You can find beers brewed with almost anything, and many seasonal varieties feature favorite fruits like blueberries or pumpkins, sweet spices, and even things like coffee or pecans. But one type of beer, the sour beer, tends to stand out from the crowd. If you’re getting bored with your typical IPAs, the puckering taste of a Flanders red may be just what you’re looking for to change things up.

Sour beers like the Flanders red are often described as the most “wine-like” beer you can find, due to their dry aftertaste and tannin content. There are many versions of the Flanders red around these days, and there is a wide range of sourness: if one is too acidic, you can always find one that’s more mild.

And despite the fact that no fruit is used to brew the beer, an array of sour, fruity flavors are a key part of what makes a sour beer so enticing. Some even liken the Flanders red to their favorite sour candies. But the taste of a Flanders red isn’t all sweet and sour–you’ll still know its a beer once you get a hint of the underlying malty flavors.





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