Freak Accident Involving Wine Glasses Kills Woman

wine glasses
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There are many ways to die in this world, but rarely do you ever hear about death by wine glass. However, 58-year-old, California-local Debra Bedard came across the rare and sad reality while away with her man at their  private olive-orchard home southeast of Sacramento.

Richard Clarke was reportedly driving “intoxicated” a cart through the property with his Debra in the passenger seat. Upon Richard turning left, Debra and two, wine glasses were thrown from the cart. Debra landed on the broken glass upon hitting the ground and dying shortly afterward.

Authorities detained Clarke for suspecting a “misdemeanor DUI,” but a California Highway Patrol spokesperson argued Clarke “didn’t really cause the (accident).” Debra simply lost her footing in the cart. We currently don’t know if she was also intoxicated; but given that she had two wine glasses in her hand, we can assume she was—but let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Bedard and Clarke were on the property to “…check things out and enjoy the serenity of the property,” according to Bedard’s son, Steve.

Steve, though saddened by his mother’s death, doesn’t blame Clarke. He said Clarke was  “one of the most together, responsible men” and that he understands “completely…how this happened. It was not an irresponsible act but just the worst kind of tragedy.”

Clarke wrote a poem for his beloved girl: “Dearest Debra … You were my joy, my life, my dreams, The reason for all that my life means.”

Melissa Quinonez, Bedard’s daughter, said she was “an amazing mommy,” and that she “…would do anything for one more cuddle and a butterfly kiss.”

My condolences go out to this grieving family.


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