Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Christians Out Of His Store

[Source: Reuters]
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On Sunday, a gay, coffee-shop owner forced a group of peaceful, Christian abolitionists to leave his store and refused to provide them service. In the shocking footage, the Seattle-coffee-shop owner yelled, “I have the right to be offended.” The hypocrisy of this situation is almost dumbfounding.

The abolitionists had been in the city for a few days, handing out pamphlets and sharing the gospel. The group says that while inside the coffee shop, they did not distribute the pamphlets, which “featured an image of an aborted child, as well as rainbow-colored imagery along with an explanation of what the rainbow means according to scripture—a symbol of God’s long-suffering mercy toward sinners.” Group-member Caytie Davis said they entered Bedlam Coffee to relax and have a hot beverage, with no plan to engage with anyone there.

After getting their coffee, the group went upstairs to sit and unwind. But shortly after, the barista ran to get the store owner. Bedlam Coffee’s owner confronted them, demanding they leave because they “offended” him. He shouted, “You have to leave.” A copy of the abolitionists’ pamphlet was reportedly found outside the shop. After a bit of cursing, the owner declared he would not tolerate their presence.

“Leave! All of you. Tell all your f*cking friends; don’t f*cking come here,” the angry owner shouted.

As it turns out, some gay people have no problem refusing service to Christians and literally chasing them away for their beliefs. The gay, coffee-shop owner seems to believe he has the right to deny service to anyone who offends him or whose beliefs clash with his own. However and apparently, this right doesn’t extend to everyone.

Recall any number of Christian bakers who’ve been sued for declining to bake a specialty cake for a gay wedding and this situation’s hypocrisy becomes crystal clear.

The Christian group said they harbor no ill will toward the coffee-shop owner and do not want to see the people at Bedlam Coffee face the same discrimination Christian business owners have seen—showing who the truly tolerant people in this situation actually are.

[Source: YouTube/choosetherightify]

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