Girl Attempts To Prove Feminists Are Intolerant—Success!

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There may be hope for the future yet, as a high-school student, Kerby Martin (Cypress, TX), successfully tested her theory that third-wave feminists are anything but tolerant—she was right!

[High-school-junior Kerby Martin | Source: Twitter/Kerby]
Martin’s social experiment sprung from a paper she’s been writing—subject: gender-inequality myths. In her paper, she discusses how feminists have spread said propaganda and how feminism contemporaries have done anything but unify people. But a good theorist backs up their claim with case studies—Martin did just that.

[Kerby Martin proudly wearing a “#MENINIST” t-shirt. | Source: Twitter/Kerby]

Martin’s Tweet spawned practically instantaneous rage. Apparently, there were almost 200 anger-fueled replies to her post (in a matter of minutes). Some folks even wished punishments on Martin—everything from being egged to getting raped! (What?!)

[Screengrab of Martin’s phone | Source: Kerby Martin]
[Source: Kerby Martin]
Kerby wasn’t shocked by the by the reactions of feminists and SJWs (social-justice warriors)—she was part of their ranks up until November 2016. That was when she made some important discoveries while researching her now-former ilk. Since then, she has dropped any/all related monikers and is opposing them. She intends to dismiss the would-be assailants and keep fighting.

“I’m trying to make a difference and bring facts and truth to my generation, and social media and our schools are no longer a true place for free speech and political incorrectness,” Martin said in an interview. “It’s just the beginning. I still have to write my essay, and I plan to continue this as far as I can to show how messed up the ‘tolerant left’ really is.”

Kerby made a special post for her feminist opponents. Martin explained that being an American girl doesn’t make her feel oppressed. She added feminism is ignoring and ultimately dismissing real women’s suffrage in other nations—but the feminists aren’t acknowledging those places.

[Source: Twitter/Kerby]

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