Google Hopes To Predict Future “Illness And Health Outcomes” By Monitoring Data

[Source: Huiffington Post]
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Google has already changed the face of the internet as we know it–but is the tech company going to change modern medicine as we know it, as well? Recently, the multinational corporation announced their plans for working with top hospitals to apply machine-based learning to health care practices. The search engine giant hopes to predict illness and health outcomes by monitoring data.

It’s a brave new world, and soon Google Brain–the name of Google’s research team–may be watching not just you, but also your health records.

Katherine Chou, the head of product at Google Brain, recently said in an interview,”We can improve predictions for medical events that might happen to you. We have validated the data and seen promising results.”

As sources explain, the pressure for hospitals to keep patients healthy is mounting, and healthcare systems are beginning to focus more on what’s being called “value-based care.”

Value-based care is basically code for rewarding providers that improve patient health outcomes. This is a dynamic shift from the conventional “fee for service” ideology, where providers get paid for tests and procedures.

This “shift” is a big opportunity for the tech industry, and many startups and companies from Silicon Valley are already taking advantage of it by doing what they do best: working with data. By using existing hospital data, tech companies like Google hope to help hospitals figure out what may threaten their patients, and what patients are at risk.

Many hospitals are overrun with too much data and not enough time to review it all, so proponents of this tech-based outcome prediction believe that these machine-based analyses can be a substantial help to the medical community.

But, is it too much power for the internet giant who, like the NSA, is able to already peak into millions personal information through real-time tracking and search history?



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