Ireland: 70,000 March For Right To Life In Pro-Life Rally

[Source: Breitbart]
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The annual pro-life rally in Dublin, Ireland, garnered a tremendous-70,000 participants this year. Marching to protect Ireland’s Eighth Amendment, which bans abortion, waves of people surely shows pro-life values in Ireland should not be overlooked.

Even while outside forces like the UN are pressuring Ireland to change, pro-lifers from the Emerald Isle are holding steady to their beliefs. Marcher Aoife Pedruski commented, “I have a lot of compassion for women who find themselves in a crisis situation, but at the end of the day, I can’t compromise my decision when it comes to the fact that it is life.” Pedruski also shared her strong belief “in the protection of life—from conception until natural death.” Pedrusky also commented on the pro-choice advocates who turned up at the event to heckle pro-lifers. “I wouldn’t go to their march and come at them; I don’t know why they come at us so aggressively. I feel a lot of hatred from them.”

Ireland has faced mounting pressure to legalize abortion, with the United Nations leading the charge to bring abortion to the Emerald Isle. In the past, the UN has falsely claimed the nation’s ban on abortion (with an exception for when the mother’s life is in danger) is a violation of international law. More recently, a UN-backed, women’s-rights committee bashed Ireland’s pro-life laws and called for the Eighth Amendment to be repealed.

In spite of the overwhelming demands from the UN, it seems Ireland’s pro-life community will not be going anywhere. Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute, an organization that helped plan the rally, said they anticipated no more than 50,000 people to show up. Ui Bhriain added that in the midst of the march, “up to 80,000 people brought the city to a standstill as they joined in to Save the 8th.” He also stated the rally was a “real Citizens’ assembly.”

Clearly, the pro-life rally in Ireland was an outstanding success, and the marchers have presented their message—loud and clear.


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